7th Grade- Thursday, December 5th

Due tomorrow (Friday): Page 3 and 4 in your Earth’s Rotation and Revolution notebook.

Observing phenomenon. Phenomenon: The sun appears to move across the sky during the day, and the stars appear to move across the sky during the night.

For 25 house points. True or false? Can you use the stars to navigate?

For 25 more house points, what is the difference between rotation and revolution?




Fun fact: A year on Earth isn’t 365 days
It’s actually 365.2564 days. It’s this extra .2564 days that creates the need for leap years. That’s why we tack on an extra day in February every year divisible by 4 – 2004, 2008, etc – unless it’s divisible by 100 (1900, 2100, etc)… unless it’s divisible by 400 (1600, 2000, etc).

“Together we can change the world, just one random act of kindness a day.” ~ Ron Hall


7th Grade- Tuesday, November 26th



The first page of A Totally Tourist Tour of Our Solar System will be due Monday, be sure to complete it over break.

For 50 house points, true or false? The Solar System formed around 4.6 billion years ago.

For 50 more house points email me or Ms. Verrett a photo of you helping with Thanksgiving dinner or clean up!

And for 10 bonus house points, let Noah H. know how awesome he is for always checking the blog and getting so many house points for his class!



7th Grade, Monday, November 25th

Motivation Monday!

Today we studied space and the planets. Be sure to work on your Totally Tourist Tour of Our Solar System worksheet.

For 25 house points:  How many planets are in the Solar System?

For 25 more house points: What has a gravitational pull so strong that even light cannot escape it?

For 50 house points, what planet does this symbol represent?

Image result for symbols used to represent planets