7th Grade- Wednesday, September 18th  Read an article then reflect by writing a couple of sentences in your Scientific Notebook about what you learned. BONUS: Share what you read with your class for some house points.

The Scientific Method Lab! Can you write a clear and concise lab procedure?

For 10 house points answer this question by the end of TODAY by sending me or Ms. Verrett an email!

True or False? TRUE

It takes 8 minutes, 19 seconds for light to travel from the Sun to the Earth.



7th Grade- Tuesday, September 17th

Science Trivia

Add to Scientific Notebook:

  • Experiment notes
  • Measurement notes

Leaves! Find three different leaves, trace them, and then identify them by using the Field Guide To Northwest Michigan.

Tuesday’s Tip: Read the blog daily. You never know when you can earn an extra house point or two.  Answer this trivia question correctly and earn 5 house points!

Mass is the measure of how much ______ is in an object.


HOMEWORK: Finish Leaf Identification. You cannot take the guide home, but there are plenty of other resources out there to help you identify!



7th Grade- Monday, September 16th

Motivation Monday! Stand Up For Great Lakes video clip

Were you outside and active this weekend? For an extra house point, let me know what you did, by the end of today!

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Add to your Scientific Notebook:

  • Tool Notes worksheet
  • Experiment Notes worksheet
  • Measurement Notes worksheet

Homework: Make sure Tool Notes worksheet is complete