7th Grade, Tuesday, January 21st

Beyond The Solar System 

Today will start learning more about Beyond Solar System.

For 50 house points: How many human years is a light-year?

“Winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit.” ~Anonymous

Get out and be active tonight! Let me know what you did for 25 house points!

#OtherPeople Matter

NO homework today!


7th Grade- Tuesday, January 14th

Seasons Poster day!

Don’t forget to assume the person reading your poster has NO background knowledge about the seasons.


“Prudence is the virtue by which we discern what is proper to do under various circumstances in time and place.” ~ John Milton


Get out and be active tonight! Show me what you did for 50 house points!



7th Grade- Monday, January 13th

Motivation Monday! It sounds like most 7th graders were out being active this weekend. Send me a photo of you being active for 25 house points.

Today we will start a Seasons poster. For this project, you are going to assume that the people reading your poster have NO background knowledge about the season.



7th Grade- Wednesday, January 8th

Sciencenews.org Read, write & reflect, share with your class to earn some house points.

Today we learned about many different constellations and were able to see what they looked like in the sky because of some fantastic artwork done by 7th-grade students. If you did not have yours ready today, be sure it’s ready to turn in tomorrow.

We are starting “Earth’s Tilted Axis” notebook today.  If you were not at school, be sure to ask your elbow partner where to get this packet.

For 25 house points, why do leaves change colors? Email me, Ms. Verrett, or comment here!


Get out and get active! Email a photo to me or Ms. Verrett for 10 house points of you being active today!



7th Grade, Tuesday, January 7th

Constellations!  Due tomorrow! 

Today we will continue our constellation project.

For 50 house points tell me the biggest and smallest constellations and give me one bit of information about each.  You have to have all four pieces of information to get the 50 points!

Be sure to get out and be active tonight! Email a photo of you being active for an extra 25 house points!

Constellations projects are due tomorrow at the beginning of class!


7th Grade- Tuesday, December 17th


For this project choose important dates! Take this seriously and be creative!




Don’t forget:

  • Wednesday is assembly day.
  • Thursday is movie day: Crossing Superior. (Bring snack money!)
  • Friday is Funday! Make sure you fill out your survey!

For 50 house points: True or false: Moon Phases refers to the different appearance of the Moon as seen from Earth.



7th Grade- Monday, December 16th

HOMEWORK, due tomorrow (December 17th):  Page 5 in your Phases of the Moon packet.

Moon Phases. 

Don’t forget Thursday we will be movie day. Crossing Superior. We will be going to the cinema downtown. Please remember to bring a little bit of cash for snacks and also bring your full attention and positive attitude!


How many registered constellations are there? Answer correctly for 50 house points.

How many days does it take to go around the sun? Answer correctly for 25 house points.